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Welcome to our villa! On arrival we should have all your arrival times and details and our representative will meet you and give you a guided tour of the property.  

Please note this is a self catering property. Guests are required to keep the property clean and leave the property how it was found meaning all glasses and plates etc are returned to correct area, rubbish is in the allocated areas and all dishwashers are emptied and washing up done as well as the washer dryers must be empty. If extra cleaning is required due to these rules not being adhered to then guests will be charged extra.

We also have use of 2 highchairs, 2 travel cots, booster seats and car seats for children as well as a pushchair.  We also have a wheelchair on site


With six floors of gadgets, facilities and rooms - there's a lot to take in to start so please refer to our guide below for anything you are unsure of and want to have a look at again. If you have any issues or questions on arrival please contact our local representative, Sue on +34692191766



By now you will have spoken to the team and we will have arranged your groups rooms as required as well as our representative, Sue, meeting you on site.  On arrival Sue will direct you in and give you a full tour of the property and provide a dual set of keys for the front door and remotes for the garage exterior door and the garage itself.
Sue will also take this opportunity to provide a tour of the villa and explain the operation of the heating, air con and entertainment systems.  

On arrival we also need to take passport information and names for all guests by law.  Please ensure your group has their information ready on arrival to make the process as speedy as possible so you can get stuck straight into your holiday.  The property is self catering so guests will need to venture to the local supermarket for supplies, further details on supermarkets and shopping is below.

Contact for Sue during your stay  +34692191766



As expected every villa has its rules and regulations for guest safety, to protect our property and reputation and keep our villa in order. Please be aware all rules must be adhered to as below.  Any breach of these rules may result in your group being asked to leave the villa with no refund or loss of deposit.

- Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are any GLASSES or mugs to be used in or around the pool areas. Plastic glasses are provided.  NO FOOD can be eaten inside the pools or inside the indoor pool area.  Any broken glass or evidence of glasses being used in these areas means we have to empty the entire pool and the guests will be charges a full loss of deposit. NO STREAMERS OR CONFETTI or any party materials are to be used in these areas as it clogs the filters and again requires extra cleaning - guests will be charged in full.


- No noise after 11pm in any outside areas.  We are in a residential area and noise complaints are always reported to the police, who are allowed entry into the property. We are a family property and not a party home so we ask for your understanding and respect for our neighbours.


- No smoking or vaping in any indoor space, this includes out of windows. Ash trays can be provided and guests can smoke outside (this includes vaping). If we smell smoke inside the property and there is evidence of smoking inside you will be charged for extra cleaning.


- No one is to enter the property other than paying guests that are registered on arrival.  No one other than guests can stay or visit the property under our insurance and covid restrictions, if any additional persons enter without consent your group may be asked to leave with no refunds as this is a breach of our insurance.


- No food or drinks inside the pools and all drinks in the pool areas including the lower outside pool decking is for plastic cups only.  These are provided in the kitchen. If glass is smashed in the pool it may go un noticed and with young children this could be fatal. Any food and drink in the pool will result in additional cleaning being paid for by the guests.

- Strictly No pets are allowed on the property

- Children must be supervised at all times and is the guests responsibility to ensure the children in the group are safe.  The pool and other areas are a risk and there are no pool railings or safety gates at the property.  

- The property must be left in the same way it was found with the dishwashers emptied, no washing up and additional mess and dirty towels in the wash baskets provided. Please ensure the washing machine and dryers are emptied and rubbish is taken to the main bin.

- If our staff feel guests are not looking after our property or breaching these rules we will allowed entry without warning.  This includes police call outs and noise complaints.

- Any damaged or missing property will be charged from your deposit or additional amounts requested and must be paid within 7 days.

- We ask you are polite and respectful to our staff.  Any violent or aggressive behaviour towards our staff will result in immediate termination of your stay.

- our property is a self catering property so linen and towels must be cleaned by our guests in our laundry room.  Any additional linen or cleaning required can be arranged prior to or during your stay and must be paid for directly before the work starts.

At the Grocery Shop


On arrival you can use our included BMW to visit one of the many shops and supermarkets within a short drive to the villa and stock up on supplies. The nearest supermarket, MERCADONA, is 8 minutes away as well as many local shops in the town of La Zubia.

You can also visit the Carrefour in the Nevada Mall - around 15 minutes drive. The mall has hundreds of shops and food outlets, take away options and restaurants for anything you may need.  Near the Mercadona is also a general hardware STORE where you can buy pool games, floats, inflatables, party supplies and general items for outside fun.

Please note that the majority of shops close for siesta in the afternoons until early evening and will also be closed on Sundays and bank holidays.



Smokers will not be able to buy tobacco or cigarettes in general supermarkets.  You can only buy products like this in specific shops. We advise guests to buy this at the airport prior to travel or bring their own for ease. The nearest 'TABACOS' is 7 minutes from the villa and will open until 2pm then again after siesta.

Please note the villa is a no smoking property inside as well as out of the windows.  Smoking is only permitted outside and ash trays are provided.

On Arrival
villa rules
Groceries and Shopping
Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 20.53.34.png


Need to find somewhere we have mentioned? Our team have customised a map of the local area for you and set the villa as the home point. Simply open the map and you can easily find directions to where you need to go and always find your way home!




Stock up with ease using our villa delivery service with Heineken. Simply order for delivery the day after you arrive via whats app and request a full list of options from them on +34643110031.  Simply quote 'Silverfield villa' when ordering. Payment is made direct with the delivery company and prices range from 55 euros for a 40 pint keg of local beer or around 65 euros for 40 pints of Heineken.

Pizza with Salami Mushrooms and Onion


You can order take away to the villa via the below companies - who speak English:

Telepizza  +34958599122 or

Pizzame si puede +34958591152 

Chinese China City +34958892288

Please ensure you give the full address when ordering. Please note delivery times are usually longer in Spain compared to the UK. Make sure you give them a phone number too so you can send your location if required.



Our local taxi company usually need around an hours notice with taxi services from the villa due to the location and lack of taxis in the area. You can pre book taxis with them directly via whats app on +34678432063. A taxi into the city costs around 20 euros one way. Coming back from the city you are surrounded by taxi ranks - just make sure you give them the full address as they may not be familiar with silverfield villa specifically. You can also use this company for Granada airport transfers.

For Malaga airport transfers please see our transfers section HERE

Local Map
Beer and Spirit Delivery
Fast Food Deliveries
Local Taxis


The local pharmacy is in La Zubia around a 6 minute drive away. They speak English and you can find directions from the villa HERE

There is also a 24 hour pharmacy in Granada 17 minutes away. You can contact them on +34958811806. You can find directions clicking HERE

The Hospital is 20 minutes drive away and directions from the villa are HERE 

In an Emergency call 061 for an ambulance or 211 for emergency services. 

Emergency Ward








Security Alarm


The villa has a highly advanced security system controlled by touch panels in two locations, by the main front door and on floor 1 near the crossfit area. Sue will provide instructions on the use of the system which is very straightforward (2 button pushes to set and 1 button push to disarm). The system can also be operated by remote control.   The system employs a number of different types of sensor but it is mainly based around a 16 camera installation with motion detection. The detection algorithm is intelligent and is able to distinguish between a human being and an animal for instance.
All video feeds are recorded to a digital recording system in the basement and are also uplinked live to a private security company who provide protection for the villa. If an alarm is triggered, this company will call the villa manager and also access the live feeds to ascertain if an intruder has been detected.

It is very unlikely that any potential burglar would ever even reach the villa, as the outdoor infra-red camera system would detect them as soon as they set foot on the property and trigger an alarm. Fortunately, the Granada area has a very low crime rate but the security of our guests is very important to us.



Due to the size of the villa, there are 4 separate Wi-Fi networks covering the property. These have been configured so that guests will only need to join a single network which will appear on phones or laptops as “Silverfield Villa”. The password for the network is “Silverfield”.

Wired access to the high speed broadband network is available in every room via standard RJ45 network connections.

The computer network is permanently wired to the media boxes to be found attached to each TV screen in the living room, dining area

and bedrooms. Additionally the network is connected to the 2 PC systems in the internet room and the PC in the cinema.

Pharmacy and hospital
Emegency Numbers
WIFI and Computer Network
Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 14.00.05.png


The exterior door to the property is some distance from the main door to the villa so an automatic door entry system has been installed which allows guests to provide automatic access. The door entry units are positioned at various locations around the house and provide a small video screen to show the caller. The phone attached to each unit can be used to speak to the person at the door and the button with the ‘lock’ symbol can be used to provide access.

The wall touch panels allow control of a large number of automated functions in the villa.

The heating/cooling system in the villa uses warm air (for quick heating), underfloor heating and cold air cooling. The temperatures and functions can be selected on the touch panel.
The automatic blinds are also controlled by the panel, where they can be opened or closed fully or partially. In the bedrooms, there is a double blind system consisting of a semi-translucent screen and a black out blind for more flexibility.

The LED lighting system in each area has scene settings which can also be found on the touch panel along with a variety of other functions. It is not possible to show a standard control panel as each one is different depending on its location but the touch screen icons are fairly self-explanatory and the villa manager will show the guests how to use the panels when they arrive.
In addition to the touch panels, the villa is equipped with LED indication light switches which have 4 buttons on each panel. These switches control the lighting in their local areas



The outdoor swimming pool is a roughly triangular shape with stepped entry from the corner closest to the villa. It has an infinity edge where the water pours over on the side looking down towards the city of Granada. This water is then collected in a side pond, filtered and pumped back into the swimming pool.

The pool is 15m along its longest edge and has no deep end to reduce the amount of worry that parents may feel for young children when using it. Please not the pool does not have any guards and guests are responsible for the safety of their guests including all children. The depth is uniform over the pool area at around 4 feet so most children over the age of 4 should be able to stand up with their heads above the water line.

There are parasols and loungers available for guest use. Please ensure that the parasols are not opened in windy conditions and closed each night.  Any damage to these items will be charged to the guest.  NO GLASSES are to be taken outside by the pool area, plastic glasses are supplied, if there is broken glass or damage we will have to empty the entire pool to detect the glass and guests will be charged the full loss of deposit.

The pool is not heated (unlike the indoor pool) and is normally in use from April to October depending on the external temperature (and the hardiness of the guest).

It is fitted with an automatic filtration system and is chlorine checked and cleaned on a weekly basis. The area surrounding the pool is decked with a very high quality extruded composite decking system which does not corrode, discolour or produce splinters.



The indoor pool is heated and can be used all year round. It is easily big enough for all the occupants of the house but is probably a little small for swimming ‘lengths’. For this reason there is a resistance swimming machine under the water line at the far end. By pushing the button on this device it will begin to drive water at the swimmer so that they can swim ‘without moving’. The strength of the push created by the machine is variable by a dial beside the on/off switch. The switch is located inside the pool on the wall and needs to be held in for a few seconds, there is only one speed.  Please ensure it is always turned off after use.

There are to be no electric devices and under no circumstances and GLASS or FOOD in the pool area. NO DRINKS are allowed in the pool but can be drunk on the decking in the plastic glasses provided. Any evidence of glass in the pool area will result in full loss of guest deposit as we will need to drain and inspect the pool.  Food and any other items can also clog the filters and again result in loss of deposit.

A large water spout on the left hand side and a water blade mounted on the wall on the right hand side refill the pool from the filtration system. The water spout is controllable, the water blade is automatic. Finally the pool has a Chroma therapy system fitted. We are not too sure what the ‘therapy’ means but it is basically a set of large LEDs with various functions that can be accessed by pushing the switch on the wall on the right hand side. The control is a little tricky as it is a single switch but by pressing once, twice or three times in succession, the lights can be changed from steady colours to gradually sweeping colour schemes in a range of colour combinations.

The pool is surrounded by the same composite decking from the outside and has also been built to the same depth for safety. There are 3/4 steps into the pool but no disabled access.



The BBQ area is to be found conveniently next to the kitchen area outside.  Accessed by the kitchen door and has a shade sail and easy access to the kitchen and equipment.

The BBQ itself is a professional standard stainless steel system that offers precise temperature control as well as a large amount of storage and even an outdoor sink. It is extremely large to allow cooking for all villa guests and has ample ‘stay warm’ areas under the hood for the storage of cooked meats etc.

Ignition is automatic and the burner controls are very easy to use. A temperature gauge on the front hood is also very useful.
Two aluminium outdoor tables are placed in the decking area round the corner. Additional seating can be found in this area also.

Please note that this area can get windy in the evenings so to ensure all cutlery, food and plates are taken indoors to deter damage and animals / bugs coming into the area.

Door Entry conrols & air con
indoor pool
Anchor 1
bbq area


Parking is ample at the villa. The garage is large and there is an area between the exterior garage door and the interior garage door large enough for 2 cars. There is also plenty of parking along the road at the front of the property - this is not secure although a quiet and safe area.

One thing to note is that the driveway area is quite steep and if the car is parked ‘front first’ after a large shopping trip, bags packed against the tailgate can drop out when it is opened. We have lost many eggs and a couple of nice bottles of wine to this occurrence...

We also recommend if travelling into Granada you get a taxi as car parking is expensive and the city is very busy with lots of fines for wrong way turns and lights - that most drivers will not be familiar with.  



The sauna is located in the basement level under the main living area beside the indoor pool. This is the best place for it as the pool area is kept at a high temperature from the heated pool water. Adjacent to the sauna, we also have a shower unit which allows guests to choose between the pool and the shower after their sauna.

Even though the pool and sauna are in the basement, there is still an excellent source of natural light. Towards the middle of the basement level, there is no natural light but this is desirable as this area contains the cinema. The sauna is electronically controlled from a BRAND NEW panel on the outside and has all the usual accessories such as the hot coals, water bucket and softened interior lighting.

Please note NO CHILDREN under 16 are allowed in the sauna. Guests are responsible for their children and group when using the sauna. The sauna does not have a lock or gate.

NO FOOD OR GLASS is to be taken into the sauna, only water in plastic glasses provided. NO ALCOHOL is to be taken into the sauna and guests must not be under the influence when using this feature.

You can watch a video how to use our sauna panel HERE



The games room is a large area in the basement level that fills the space between the indoor pool, the cinema and the internet room. It has a number of high quality games tables for guests to pass the time.

The pool table is a professional standard 9ft American size slate bed unit. The table tennis table is a heavy duty static unit (not the normal

folding style).

The fussball table is a full sized, levelled, robust unit with the full 4 bars on each side. The cinema has an automatic blind system to allow separation from the games room.

Please replace all games equipment after use. Guests will be charged for missing equipment.

DO NOT PLACE DRINKS ON THE GAMES TABLES - this marks the tables and guests will be charged for any damages.



The villa cinema is a fabulous place for entertaining kids or adult guests. It occupies the central area of the basement level where there is no natural light. This allows the ultra- bright 10,000 lumens projector system to work as well as most commercial cinemas.

The entire back wall of the cinema is used as the screen, which depending on the aspect ratio can be more than 15 feet diagonally.
The projector is sourced by the projector which provides NETFLIX, you tube and various other sources of entertainment. All this is coupled to a professional grade Dolby 5.1 surround sound system.

The remote controls in the cinema can look a bit daunting but the operation is quite simple. You can watch a video HERE TO SEE HOW TO USE THE CINEMA CONTROLS.

The cinema was specially built on 3 different levels to simulate a real theatre and allow viewers to see over the head of the person in front, but the quality of the seating is much better than anything you will find at the Odeon! Each seat is leather, cushioned on all sides and electronically reclinable via a button control on the side. There are 3 rows of seats with 4 in each row for a total of 12 plus a bar area at the back with bar stools and bar bench.

The cinema is also equipped with internal blinds that allow it to be isolated from the games room which surrounds it and to keep the

exterior light level down for watching movies. The ultra-high brightness level of the projector does allow perfectly good viewing quality in all situations though so people having a pool match can easily keep an eye on the screen through the glass separator wall if needed.

You can also connect your laptop to the screen via HDMI (not provided)

bmw and parking
games area
Domestic Waste Bin


Guests are responsible for the rubbish disposal during their stay.  We have allocated bins just a short space from the villa and guests are also asked to keep any waste in the garage if they cannot access the bins if it is not convenient.  We are more than aware of how quickly a large group can create rubbish so guests must keep on top of this.  Guests must not leave any rubbish outside as local wildlife, flies and bugs will gather very quickly. Our representative will show you where to find the rubbish disposal area. The main covered bin is in the kitchen and each room has a small pedal bin.  Guests can find bin bags under the sink and are responsible for buying more if required.

Laundry Dryer


In the basement next to the indoor pool entrance to the right is our laundry room.  We have two washers and dryers for guests to use to clean clothes and linens if required as we do not included cleaning or linen changes as are self catering.  There is also a drying rack to use outside as well as detergents and conditioners.  We also have irons and ironing boards in this area.

Wheelchair Accessibility_1


Guests with walking difficulties / wheelchair access can use the sloped drive entrance into the villa and enter into the basement level.  A lift then reaches all floors from here including the accommodation levels.  The lift is wheelchair accessible and we also have use of a wheelchair on site if required.  We recommend anyone with disabilities or wheelchair use is allocated the master suite, there is plenty of space here and a much larger shower area.  Please note our pools do not have wheelchair access. If you have any specific requirements please get in contact and see how we can help further.



The villa kitchen occupies the perfect position in the middle of the main floor, directly adjacent to the dining area. It is separated by a glass wall that allows a view of food preparation and serving. This creates a bit of ‘theatre’ if our villa chef has been hired for the evening.

There are a wide range of modern appliances too numerous to list but including 2 large ovens, induction hob , American sized fridge freezer (there is a spare in the utility room in the basement), microwave, blender, toasters, kettles coffee machine and 2 full sized dishwashers.

The kitchen is built around a large ‘U’ shaped work area with ample workspace and a long breakfast bar with seating. At each side of the work area there are further counter tops and a massive amount of cupboard and drawer storage with every conceivable type of dishware, cups and glasses - we also have plastic glasses for the pool areas.

The fridge freezer has an ice machine and a water dispenser although we recommend buying additional ice for large groups. Please ensure that before you leave the dishwashers and emptied and washing up is done and any glasses and kitchen equipment is brought down from rooms and the bar areas.


waste disposal
laundry and irons
wheelchair access


Our master suite, bar and living area TV's are all equipped with amazon sticks so feature Netflix and Spotify etc as well as you tube and various other apps.  The cinema also features netflix, you tube and Spotify.  The main lounge area has a fixed Bose speaker that can be connected to your phone via bluetooth and can be heard outside in the pool area. We recommend bringing speakers for the rest of the areas including the gyms. Music can be played in the bar from the TV. We do not have large DJ style speakers as we are a family home and not able to host parties or loud events so we ask noise is kept to a minimum and not any outside noise after 11pm.



Guests have use of our indoor gym as well as outdoor crossfit area. The indoor gym has a treadmill, exercise bike, multi gym, weights bench with weights and equipment including kettle bells, sand bag weights, hand bell weights, weight bar and plates, step bench, yoga mats, boxing gloves and exercise ball.  Our outdoor crossfit area has crossfit frame, ropes, a tyre, pulley and weights, crossfit boxes and equipment can be brought down from the main gym.



Guests can also use the outside of the villa and surrounding areas for walking, running and outdoor circuits.



Our private bar features views across the city and mountains with its own large balcony area. Guests can take advantage of our beer delivery service as well as stocking their own drink selection from the local supermarkets.  There is also a TV in this area with youtube for playing music and plenty of seating.  We also have a toilet and sink in this area as well as two smaller fridges and cocktail shakers.  Guests will need to bring any glasses and items from the main kitchen back to the correct areas before they leave.



Our jacuzzi can be found next to the gym and is there for guests to wind down in after the gym.  The jacuzzi is a double jacuzzi and in its own glassed off area with towels and optional blinds.  Please be advised that no children under 16 are to use this area under any circumstances.

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